Administration of Estates - Help at a difficult time

Following a death, it is the role of an executor to ensure that the estate of the deceased is distributed in accordance with the provisions of any Will.  The “estate” will include any money, property or personal possessions. 

Should there not be a valid Will, an administrator will make an application for a “grant of letters of administration” from the Probate Registry. This will allow the administrator to distribute the estate in accordance with the rules of intestacy. These vary according to the deceased’s personal circumstances at the date of death, for example, whether they had a surviving spouse or civil partner, any children or surviving parent.

The role of the executor (if there is a valid Will) or administrator (if there is not) is to ensure that all debts are repaid, any inheritance tax is paid and any balance distributed appropriately.  At Rowberry Morris, we understand this can be a very complex process, at an emotional time and we are happy to guide you as necessary and, should you wish, deal with the formalities on your behalf.

For carefully considered advice call your local office.