Mediation - Reach your own decisions

Relationships can be difficult.  If you are experiencing problems with a partner, mediation can be a very effective way of finding a mutually beneficial agreement before embarking on or in combination with a more formal legal process.

Mediation is voluntary and a way of exploring whether a compromise to one particular issue, or several problems, can be found.  Mediation can also provide a speedier approach for you and your partner to arrange a financial settlement.  

If you have children within your family, mediation can be particularly beneficial, again as you will be allowed to explore difficulties with, for example contact problems, far more quickly than attending a court.

Both of our Mediators are members of Resolution and were trained by this organisation; they provide an independent third party view and who will work with you to reach a solution by way of compromise and will do their utmost to achieve a result that suits all.

For more details on mediation contact your local office.