At Rowberry Morris we appreciate that very few people will have money set aside in order to meet the legal fees incurred in a divorce or separation.  With the legal aid budget being slashed by the government it can then be almost impossible for most hard-working families to afford to deal with the necessary issues arising on a marriage or relationship breakdown. 

Traditionally lawyers charge by the hour with hourly rates varying from £175 to £500 per hour plus VAT.  AT Rowberry Morris we recognise that the idea of such charges can be a frightening prospect and unaffordable for many.  We therefore aim to offer flexibility with our charging structure with the following options:-

  • Fixed fees
  • Pay as you go
  • Reduced hourly rates

We will also act for clients who have the benefit of a litigation loan.

Please contact your local office for a leaflet with more detail on funding and the options above.

The above options are subject to specific conditions being met and subsequent partnership approval.