Rowberry Morris and 3PB win landmark age discrimination case

In this case we recently handled an Age Discrimination Claim, where our client was left feeling humiliated after being sacked from her secretary job in the NHS.

As you might have seen, the employment tribunal case of Mrs Eileen Jolly has been all over the media recently. With representation from Rowberry Morris solicitor Anna Illingworth and Mark Green, Barrister with 3PB, Mrs Jolly is believed to be the oldest person to have won an age discrimination case.

After years of having an exemplary work record, Mrs Jolly was dismissed by the Royal Berkshire NHS Trust. She was blamed for mismanaging a waiting list, but both Mrs Jolly and her boss, Consultant Mr Brendan Smith, believed management managed the waiting list.

The Trust investigated but did not have a face to face meeting with Mrs Jolly as part of the investigation, relied on a report that contained discriminatory remarks, failed to address Mrs Jolly’s grievance and refused her the opportunity to appeal against the decision to dismiss her.

On 29 January 2019 Employment Judge Gumbiti-Zimuto found that Mrs Jolly’s claims for unfair dismissal, age discrimination and disability discrimination were well found and succeeded.

On Wednesday 27 February 2019 Mrs Jolly, Anna and Mark appeared on ITV’s This Morning to discuss the case.

Employment disputes can be very stressful and the toll that the case has taken on Mrs Jolly can’t be understated. Anna and the Rowberry Morris team and Mark and all at 3PB are very proud to have supported Mrs Jolly throughout this difficult time and reached a successful resolution.

Anna Illingworth said: “I felt straight away that she would have a very strong case for the way she was being treated. It didn’t seem to me that procedures they were meant to be following were followed. Everything seemed incredibly heavy-handed and unpleasant, almost designed to be as unpleasant as possible.”

If you’ve experienced discrimination in the workplace, getting the right legal advice is crucial. Tight time limits apply to employment claims so get advice early. Our solicitors are here to help you resolve workplace disputes so that you can get on with your life. For further help and information, please today.

You can read more about the case in media articles from The Times, The Independent, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail.

To read the judgement, click here.