Lasting Powers of Attorney

If you have recently noticed that you have started to suffer from ill health or are becoming more forgetful, then it’s important to put arrangements in place so that the right healthcare and financial help can be given to you in the future.  This can be done by completing a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Changes in mental or physical health can affect people at any time during their lives and there is no need to wait until you notice signs of declining physical or mental health.  You can arrange a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in full health with no intention of triggering it for many years still to come. 

An LPA appoints an individual or individuals to act as the ‘attorney(s)’ to make decisions that directly and personally affect the person making the LPA.  This can include decisions relating to financial arrangements, healthcare, where they live, and even decisions like whether to sell their home. 

In an LPA you name the person(s) you want to act as your attorney(s), whereas if you are lack capacity to make decisions for yourself and do not have an LPA, the decision-making responsibilities could be given to anyone appointed by the Court of Protection. This could be a relative who you don’t believe has your best interests at heart.

Please contact a member of the Private Client Team at our Tadley or Reading Offices if you would like to discuss making an LPA.